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Web-Related Marketing - General
The internet is the fastest growing advertising medium in the world. Online advertising offers four distinctive advantages. Robbins can help make these advantages part of the client’s marketing effort:

  • Targetability - Focus advertising on specific audiences by personal preferences and behavior.
  • Tracking - Measure how users interact with your product/service and learn what is of interest to your current and prospective customer.
  • Deliverability - Deliver advertising in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year Initiate, change, or cancel your campaign immediately.
  • Interactivity - Allow the consumer to interact, test, and choose your product or service.
Web-Related Marketing - Who/What To Choose?
Robbins constantly monitors the maze of online directories to help determine which online yellow pages offer the best product for the client’s investment. We offer insight and information into which sites are best for our client's objectives: Robbins' Extranet
Robbins offers a secure, web-accessible, easy to navigate, vehicle that allows all our clients to view/access/edit any listings 24/7. It includes relevant /helpful information about each directory including but not limited to:
  • Online order/listing approval
  • Directory maps for evaluating coverage and distribution
  • Directory sorting, archiving and evaluating
Availability/Online Contact?
Robbins' client contacts never contend with the often-confusing maze of voice mail. Robbins is always available Monday through Friday toll free (800-445-0137) or via our web site at robbinsadv.com. Ads can be viewed, revised, and approved online.